Cabaret  Legends

Click on picture to enlarge then slide through the gallery of artists who performed at the Club Fiesta of Norton and Sheffield.

Please reply with any memories you have

8 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Highlights for me, were the shows of Roy Orbison.I went to many of them and met him backstage where he took time out to autograph my albums which I still have today. Magic memories never forgotten.

  2. I was a very regular visitor, as I had free tickets, for being an advertiser from my Garage & petrol station on the A19. I still have the glitzy display stand for the cards. Any one got a complete card, about 7″ square, showing 4 weeks.
    ONE of my best nights was front row of the balcony, good meal watching the “Beach Boys”.
    We, along with the Coopers, were next to the massive mixing desk
    that had a running music cassette inserted top right, the sound man was furiously shaking a slider up & down to get some wobble on a note.
    Another night we saw a broken glass thrown, that cut a group’s drummer,
    only to be amazed what happened when the “Bouncers” swooped.
    Can anyone point me to a list of all the performers? My diary has a lot.
    What fantastic memories, sweet sweet.

  3. wondering if anyone has any pics of a Grease dancing competition that was held at Fiesta Norton for schools and youth clubs, think it was around 1978

  4. My friend & I hitched through to see Scott Walker on his second solo gig after leaving the Walker Brothers (7th Aug 1967). The show was fantastic & I am still a fan as his music has evolved through the decades. I didn’t dare tell my parents as it was a Sunday night & they were strong Methodists – the hitching wouldn’t have worried them though so it shows how things have changed for 17 year old’s!

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  6. I opened every night for the week commencing Sun July 6th 1969, supporting Harmony Grass, Amen Corner, Jimmy Ruffin. It was a real eye-opener for this 24 yr old used only to folkclubs! Singing my own stuff I died a death, but on night three following the tactful advice of the friendly club manager I changed my set to ‘Greenback Dollar’, ‘If I had a Hammer’ etc and was pretty well received for the rest of the week. It was the biggest gig I ever did and a great experience. Thanks Fiesta. Nigel.

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